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Diane’s journey into real estate began in the lending business. Diane loves meeting people, learning their stories and providing the special attention people expect when they put their trust in her. Somewhere along the line she adopted this saying, “Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.” Diane’s passion to bring people home remains at the heart of what she does, and in turn that brings her great happiness. Which is why Diane adjusted her career path to become a Real Estate Broker.
What kind of home do people see themselves living in? Why do they love one neighborhood over another? How quickly do they really want to sell their home? These are questions Diane wants to help people answer – for themselves and for their family’s future. As a frontrunner in the real estate industry, that’s the goal Diane is after.
Diane’s charismatic personality and no-nonsense approach has enabled her to build a reputation that brings praise from her clients, co-workers and colleagues, but the highest measure of her success is the referral of a friend or family member from a satisfied customer.
What Diane enjoys most about her job is to help individuals through the amazing process of homeownership. To do that, she works hard to offer an environment where people can lay all their cards on the table and know that she will look out for their interests through the entire process. Diane understands the human side of real estate, that not only do the numbers have to make sense on deals, but every buyer and every seller has a story that is motivating them to do what they’re doing. Keeping people at the center of every transaction is the Dee-Lux Realty philosophy.
When you work with Dee-Lux Realty, you may spend some long hours with Diane and her team, but assuredly your dreams will be realized. Whether you are planning to buy or sell a starter home, a million dollar estate, or something in between, Diane’s job is not done until escrow is closed no matter which end of the transaction you are on.
Aside from her passion for real estate, Diane finds joy in life’s small pleasures. She loves baking, cooking, crocheting, and finding time to spend with loved ones. Diane also gives back by investing in her community, most recently serving seven years on the City of Barstow Planning Commission. Diane believes in taking a moment to realize what makes her life meaningful.

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address608 Barstow Road
Barstow, CALIFORNIA 92311
state license #01234289

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Dee-Lux Realty, Inc.
608 Barstow Road
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It was really great, she was really helpful, she is hones and kind person, I strongly recommended her, she was on top of everything and every time I need it to talk to her she was available, I love that she fight for my interest and everything was about what… (more)

5jordan flores89

I loved working with Diane. She really explained the home buying process well and I felt completely in the "loop" every step of the way! I loved how fast she returned phone calls, and she would have answers to every question I had! She does whatever she can… (more)


Diane Helped me look and buy a house 5 years ago and I’m getting ready to need her again soon! can’t wait! She knew alot about all the house’s for sale and if she didnt, she got back to me ASAP about them. she made our process very smooth. Diane was always on… (more)

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